Flow & Waves


With the Flow and Waves application you can visualize your own open channel flows. With the possibility to define channel properties, initial conditions, boundary conditions and numerical settings yourself, the Flow and Waves application is perfect for quick calculations to create understanding of open channel flows, long waves and the method of characteristics.
The animated video output created by the application makes it possible to analyze the effects of initial and boundary conditions on flow and waves in a easy way.

1. Define your own 1D channel.
2. Define your own initial conditions.
3. Define your own boundary conditions, i.e. a velocity or a (time-dependent) water level.
4. Solver using the method of characteristics.
5. Applicable for 1D calculations of e.g.:
– backwater curves;
– long wave propagation into a river;
– long wave propagation and reflection in a basin.
6. Load pre-registered flow configurations.
7. Save your own configurations to one of the four save slots.
8. Animated video output.




Screenshots of Wave Maker:

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